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Netpeak Checker

Netpeak Checker is a unique tool designed for the mass analysis and comparison of websites on wide range of different parameters.

  • mass analysis of the main SEO parameters of the pages/websites and competition analysis and comparison;
  • sorting and filtering the results by the given parameters;
  • possibility of own websites rating creating;
  • saving the specified array and exporting data to Excel;
  • possibility of working via proxy servers and support of Antigate service;
  • all these functions are available for FREE!

Netpeak Checker is designed for the wide and detailed analysis of websites according to different specified parameters. There is a functionality of preserving the history of all the analysis cases, as well as, possibility of their exporting into Excel. Netpeak Checker is defined by the high operating speed, large volumes of processed data, wide possibilities for the program appliance — from analysis of the competitors’ websites to selecting potential donors for the backlinks’ obtaining. There is also a functionality to operate via proxy servers and combining with different SEO services.

The list of parameters analyzed by the program:

PR page — PageRank of the current page.
PR main — main page PageRank.
Alexa Rank — website rank according to
Alexa Rank Local — local website rank according to
Alexa Sites Linking — number of websites referring to this domain according to
Bing Outgoing Links — number of outgoing links from this domain according to Bing.
Backlinks Ahrefs — website backlinks according to Ahrefs.
Language — webpage language.
DMOZ — is this domain listed in DMOZ.
Backlinks Majesticseo — website backlinks according to MajesticSEO.
Domain Merge — is this domain merged.
Google Index — number of the website pages indexed by Google.
Google Domain Mentions — number of references or text domain mentions.
Site links — Site Links in the Google SERP.
IP — IP address of the server.
Link Stat — internal/external links on the main page.
Subnet — shows the subnet number.
PR page — PageRank of the current page.
PR main — main page PageRank.
Referring Domains — number of domains referring to this page according to Ahrefs.
Referring Domains MajesticSEO — number of domains referring to this page according to MajesticSEO.
Referring IP Addresses Ahrefs — number of the referring IP addresses to this domain according to Ahrefs.
Links to this Page — external links referring to this page according to Ahrefs.
Text Backlinks — number of text backlinks according to Ahrefs.
Server Country — server country.
Server Region — server region.
SEOmoz Domain Authority — domain Authority according to SEOmoz.
Domain mozRank — domain mozRank according to SEOmoz.
Domain mozTrust — domain mozTrust according to SEOmoz.
SEOmoz Link Count — all links to this page accordint to SEOmoz.
SEOmoz Page Authority — page Authority according to SEOmoz.
mozRank — page mozRank according to SEOmoz.
mozTrust — page mozTrust according to SEOmoz.
Diggs — yhe total number of times this URL has been Digged.
FB Comments — the number of FB comments at the current page.
FB Likes — the number of times this URL and its FB comments were Liked.
FB Shares — the number of times this URL was shared on a personal public Facebook page.
FB Total — the total number of FB Likes, FB Shares and FB comments for the current URL.
Google +1 — yhe total number of times this URL has been +1′d.
LinkedIn — the total number of times this URL has been shared in LinkedIn.
Pins — the total number of times this URL has been Pinned.
StumbleUpon — The total number of times this URL has been shared in StumbleUpon.
Twitter — the total number of Tweets and re-Tweets of this URL.
Status Code — HTTP header status code.
Class C Subnets — number of subnets class C referring to this domain according to Ahrefs.
URL — analyzed domain URL.
Web.Arch Domain Age — domain age according to Web
WhoIs Domain Age — domain age according to
Current version of the program:
Version Release date Comment
  • fixed context menu of the list of the analyzed domains.
  • fixed sorting in the program;
  • fixed problem with updating of the program window.
  • fixed getting the google page rank;
  • fixed issue with window appears, enter the captcha, if the setting key antigate;
  • redesigned the structure of the graphical interface that allowed us to analyze a large number of urls without crashes and freezes the program;
  • stable operation with a large number of threads.
  • fixed getting the google indexes;
  • fixed bug summing the ratings for get parameters;
  • fixed getting the google cache date.
  • fixed bug related to deleting the list of domains when using filters.
  • majesticSEO settings description changed.
  • added feature to use Majesticseo API for receiving data.
  • removed the limit on checking more than several thousands url's;
  • fixed the problem with receiving index of Yandex for links;
  • fixed the error with using of antigate key.
  • fixed issue of application not being able to finish checking parameters.
  • fixed error occurred on showing horizontal scrollbar in rating settings table.

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