About Netpeak

10 years of great results
1 658 projects fueling the experience necessary to produce results
642 online stores are making more sales because of our work
210 netpeakers working on our clients’ projects
221 certificates proving our employees’ expertise
8 offices in 5 countries New York, Sofia, Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Almaty, Moscow, Samara
10/td> hosted conferences driving innovation and teaching marketers since 2011
8 testimonials from happy clients
90 posts on online marketing and more on Netpeak Blog

Netpeak™ is one of the biggest internet marketing agencies in Eastern Europe. We handle website promotion, online advertising, web analytics, usability and consulting, brand image promotion and more. For more details, visit our Services page. Our clients include various interactive websites, online stores and marketplace websites. You can see who we’ve worked with here.

We don’t only promote websites for our clients, we promote the entire business. Mere traffic generation is not enough: our goal is bringing you clients. The business-oriented attitude is what makes us stand out of the crowd.

Our people are our most precious asset. We’re a team of bright creatives and top-notch pros turning Netpeak into something more than just an agency – a lifestyle.

We genuinely wish to make the world a better place. That’s why we gather the best specialists in the industry. We strive not only to help our clients’ businesses, but to provide our employees with interesting and important work that brings satisfaction and confidence from the achieved results.

Netpeak aims to stay connected. We want to be closer to our clients, friends and employees. That’s why we stay active on major social networks:

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Our features

  • We focus on SEO and PPC. We set a global standard with our ability to get consistent results from these two powerful methods of online marketing
  • We offer unique products on the market – [SEO 2.0] and [PPC 2.0]
  • We are dedicated to show the positive return on investment using SEO and PPC
  • We are one of the best online marketing outsourcing agencies in Eastern Europe
  • More than 1000 businesses have entrusted us with their projects
  • Netpeak strives to be a worldwide agency leader
  • The Netpeak Client Dashboard helps businesses make decisions based on an exact set of key performance indicators

We make our clients' businesses more profitable

New posts on Netpeak Blog


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