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  • We focus on SEO and PPC. We set a global standard with our ability to get consistent results from these two powerful methods of online marketing
  • We offer unique products on the market – [SEO 2.0] and [PPC 2.0]
  • We are dedicated to show the positive return on investment using SEO and PPC
  • We are one of the best online marketing outsourcing agencies in Eastern Europe
  • More than 1000 businesses have entrusted us with their projects
  • Netpeak strives to be a worldwide agency leader
  • The Netpeak Client Dashboard helps businesses make decisions based on an exact set of key performance indicators

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If you have wondered what’s in Serpstat for you, then look no further. This post will unveil Serpstat’s 7 most advantageous features which will definitely help you outrank your competition once and for all. Let’s get the ball rolling and see how Serpstat can assist you in your everyday SEO tasks.


Not all of our readers may know that in November 2014 our team successfully launched Serpstat – a free keyword search suggestions service for the international market. In its essence, Serpstat – is a one-page tool. Since it is quite useful for SEO-specialists, we decided to try content marketing in promoting the project.


We continue our series of posts on email marketing. This time, we will talk about the ways of accumulating a subscriber mailing list.


Clients wishing to place their banner ads on the Google Display Network, often ask about which banner sizes they should opt for. In order to answer this question we carried out a brief research.