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An Efficient Digital Marketing Agency

Since 2006, we’ve been helping businesses of all sizes invest in online marketing and grow. We offer award-winning expertise, proprietary technology and full-cycle marketing agency experience for a fraction of the cost.
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We build, optimize and scale your marketing

Global Marketing Agency

We bring expertise across diverse marketing landscapes, rapid service scalability, and flexible engagement models to empower our clients to optimize their marketing, embrace data-driven culture and grow.

Data-driven, Predictable and Transparent

We have honed our methods and processes through empowering thousands of small, established and enterprise businesses across 10+ industries — yet we remain agile, adaptable and easy to work with.

Your Growth Partner

We empower you to get immediate results and support your long-term growth. Your ROI and revenue outweigh just metrics — and we prove it by supporting your marketing across the entire customer life cycle to maximize results.
Our own Martech Solutions
Serpstat is a multifunctional SEO platform for conducting competitor and website analysis and tracking website ranking, backlinks and content quality.
800K+ users
Including Visa, Samsung and Uber
Our own Martech Solutions
Ringostat is an innovative platform that provides end-to-end analytics, call tracking and a virtual PBX all-in-one system.
Used in 33 countries
Customers include Sony, Bosch and Mercedes-Benz
Our own Martech Solutions
Netpeak Spider is a tool that enables you to perform regular SEO audits, quick error detections, system analysis and web scraping.
Used by industry leaders
Including Shopify, Thomson Reuters and OLX
Our own Martech Solutions
Netpeak Checker is a multifunctional research tool for bulk SEO analysis that helps you audit URLs through various parameters.
Used by industry leaders
Including New York Life and Digital360
Our own Martech Solutions
AcademyOcean is a robust learning management system that allows organizations to easily manage and deliver online courses.
Used in 30 countries 
Customers include lemlist, Loxone and Ajax

Our Industries of Expertise

Access our extensive expertise across different niches and business scenarios to seamlessly build and execute your tailored marketing strategy, optimize business performance, and enter new markets

Information technology

50+ projects in information technology
We empower product development companies to reduce customer acquisition costs, ensure product visibility across App Store and Google Play and adherence to platform guidelines, and introduce efficient retention strategies.

For IT service providers, we improve brand visibility, build tailored customer journeys focused on longer sales cycles and design efficient lead nurturing.
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We help you optimize:
Customer acquisition costs
Customer lifetime value
Brand awareness and reputation
Conversion rates across the customer journey
Our information technology clients


300+ projects in e-commerce
We implement multichannel strategies that directly impact your revenue, scale our involvement up and down to meet seasonal peaks, and cover everything from product visuals’ SEO and dynamic pricing adjustment to retention and beyond. 

As your long-term marketing partner, we ensure your e-commerce digital marketing is cost-efficient, transparent and predictable.
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We help you optimize:
Average order value
Customer lifetime value
Product return rates
Customer conversion rates
Cart abandonment rates
Our e-commerce clients

Finance & Insurance

100+ projects in finance & insurance
We help traditional businesses embrace digital transformation while increasing brand trust. Our tailored, long-term marketing strategies help diversify lead generation and strengthen adherence to compliance standards for marketing communication.

For digitally sophisticated companies, our digital agency provides reputation management, implements end-to-end analytics and optimizes customer acquisition to ensure peak cost efficiency.
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We help you optimize:
Marketing regulatory compliance
Net promoter score
Lead-to-customer ratio
Customer acquisition
Return on performance marketing investment
Our finance & insurance clients


45+ projects in healthcare
We empower emerging and established healthcare businesses to build and maintain strong brand awareness and reinforce reputation through content marketing and other key strategies. We offer cost-effective solutions to optimize their digital strategies to reach and attract ideal target audiences in a customer-tailored manner.

A strong understanding of HIPAA, HITECH and FTC regulations is an integral part of our work ethic.
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We help you optimize:
Customer acquisition
Customer lifetime value
Customer retention
Brand awareness and reputation
Marketing regulatory compliance
Our healthcare clients


We work with Businesses of any size

«We give our clients full-cycle digital marketing experience that boosts their business efficiency and allows them to embrace and build on data-driven culture and growth for a sustainable future»

Nataliia Popelniukh

CEO of Netpeak Agency USA

Small businesses

We help small and growing businesses get more leads by optimizing their existing acquisition channels and launching new ones, maximizing customer revenue, and building and implementing strategies to expand to new markets.

Mid-size businesses

We empower established businesses to optimize their marketing costs across all channels and customer journey stages. We reinforce their analytics and leverage data insights to drive growth and ensure durability to market changes.


Without meaningful interpretation, data is just metrics. We empower enterprises with advanced analytics for better decision-making, optimize acquisition channels’ ROI and ensure predictable revenue generation with more efficient user journeys and retention.

Flexible Engagement Models

As your business grows, we grow with you. We adapt and introduce individual plans to meet your changing business requirements.

Why Netpeak?

Experience across business sizes and industries
Across 18 years, we’ve completed over 8500 projects — our client portfolio includes enterprises like Puma and Domino’s, established mid-sized companies, technology startups and small businesses in domains from e-commerce to healthcare.
Full transparency
With our internet marketing company, you always have comprehensive information on tasks, results and spending — we developed the Netpeak Client Dashboard that allows for custom KPIs and seamless communication with your account manager.
Tailored digital marketing services
Delving into your unique business specifics, we tailor our service proposition to your situation, resources and long-term goals. As your marketing partner, we focus on solutions that increase ROI and help you grow rather than just improving metrics.
Full-cycle marketing agency experience
We support businesses of any marketing maturity level. Whether you need to launch a new project or optimize and scale your marketing, we introduce thorough analysis and a comprehensive digital strategy and cover every step of its implementation.
Competitive pricing
We offer full-cycle marketing agency services for a fraction of the cost. We achieve cost-efficiency with honed processes and the fact that most of our workforce is distributed over Europe, where living costs are lower.
Low risk
With our digital marketing agency, US businesses get a transparent pricing structure, award-winning expertise and a sophisticated marketing effort. We scale your budget up and down as needed and provide predictable, stable delivery at all times.

Case studies

Organic traffic revenue growth
With our combination of SEO and PPC services, Puma was able to boost the branch’s year-over-year revenue growth and build a consistent customer acquisition strategy.
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Ad revenue growth
Partnership duration:
51+ months
We empowered Domino’s to achieve a boost in online sales by optimizing search visibility and conversions and introducing a long-term link-building strategy.
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Unique visitors from non-branded organic
Partnership duration:
60+ months
Our partnership accelerated Bosch Siemens’ digital transformation by reinforcing our client’s customer acquisition and building a strong marketing foundation for long-term growth.
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Organic CTR
Partnership duration:
48+ months
We reinforced Preply’s industry leadership and optimized their marketing spend by ensuring 66% better visibility in the App Store and 44% more organic app installs.
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Application installs growth
Services delivered:
Partnership duration:
16+ months
Visitors from non-branded organic
For Vodafone, we set up an ongoing customer acquisition optimization process and introduced advanced analytics for more precise planning and better decision-making.
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Visitors from organic
Partnership duration:
11+ months

Customer Reviews

Meet our team

Artem Borodatyuk

Founder of Netpeak Group

Nataliia Popelniukh

CEO of Netpeak Agency USA

Dmytro Skliar

CEO of Netpeak Agencies Group

Andrii Chumachenko

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

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