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When it comes to App Store Optimization (ASO), we're one of the few digital marketing agencies that offer a results-based pricing model without using motivated traffic.

Put simply, you only pay for the increased number of installs of your application.

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One of the pioneers in mobile marketing among agencies, we have combined our expertise in tools to promote mobile apps in any market: in-store search engine optimization, paid acquisition, and mobile analytics.

Our unique ASO tool has helped dozens of apps reach the top of their niches.

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App Store Optimization (ASO) is a process that involves optimizing your mobile application to improve its visibility and ranking in app stores such as Google Play and the App Store. The primary objective of ASO is to make your app easily discoverable to potential users who are searching for relevant keywords and increase the number of downloads and user engagement.

Another factor that sets us apart is our proprietary mobile app optimization technology tested on our application package (Tonti Laguna Mobile), a subsidiary of Netpeak Group. Through this, the Netpeak Mobile Search Algorithm is available to a wide range of customers.

Our App Store Optimization Agency does not use motivated traffic or internet bots to increase online engagement. We utilize our proprietary search algorithm to increase your App Store visibility, organic traffic, and installs. This can lead to a significant increase in downloads within a short space of time.

How does ASO create business growth

Increase organic traffic and boost your app installs
Improves app ratings and popularity.
Increases your conversion rate from page views to app installs.
Attracts new target audiences.
Increases search visibility and improves search rankings.
Customizes or localizes your app for new markets.

Our App Store Optimization Services:

Performance ASO for App Store

This is our unique business offering — with Perfomance ASO, you only pay for the increased installations of your application. Do note that it is available for the AppStore marketplace only. With our proprietary ASO technologies, we can guarantee an increase in installs without using motivated traffic, internet bots, etc.

The service is available for apps with the following features:

  • Worldwide App Store apps;

  • 10 000 to 200 000 organic installs per month;

  • ARPU (Sales/Downloads) > $0.3

  • An average rating > 4.1;

  • At least five language versions or not tied to a specific location;

  • Not a game, as games are not usually searched for by function.

You will also be granted access to App Store Connect.

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Subscription ASO for App Store / Google Play

This service includes long-term support at a fixed price.

It also includes optimization for any specified locales.

You will also be granted access to App Store Connect.

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One-off ASO for App Store / Google Play

ASO for AppStore

Inclusive of metadata creation with the help of native advertising for every locale plus keywords from the semantic core we create.

ASO for Google Play

Inclusive of titles and both short and long meta descriptions.

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How ASO is performed

Promotion strategy development

We analyze the app, its target audience, and current KPIs such as number of views and installs. We conduct a competitive analysis and build an optimal strategy to get your app ranking highly on Google Play and App Store.

Keyword research

We select the keywords most relevant to the services or products you offer and create a semantic core for each locale.

Metadata optimization

Using this semantic core, we choose the right keywords for the app title, subtitle, and keyword field. We select keywords that exactly or partially match relevant search queries and meet the store requirements.

KPI analysis

We measure the current ASO performance indicators including conversion rate, keyword rankings, install rate, and view rate. We also monitor user ratings and reviews.

Building summary reports

We use a Telegram bot to immediately get notified of the dynamics of a project. Accordingly, we perform comparative analyses of the indices before and after optimization, analyze the dynamics, and make decisions on the next iterations.

ASO Case Studies


impression growth

OLX success story: increase of impressions to 74% with ASO services



Photo Transfer success story: impressions growth by 272%

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