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Our clients are entrepreneurs of the new wave. Always online, ready to risk. However, they expect a clear return on marketing investment. They know, if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business. They are fully involved in the processes and expect the same from their partners and teams. Since 2006, we have helped our clients grow their businesses with digital marketing.

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Our clients write about us

Eugene Kutsenko
Head of Digital Marketing
In 2022, the main office gave us a goal to maximize our Daily Active Users (DAU).
As a regional OLX team (UA-KZ-UZ), we decided that we were not ready to lose liquidity of ads for our clients (their conversions) by purchasing only the cheapest traffic in the auctions.
We could not significantly increase the budget for all auctions either. So we had to find a balance, which meant improving the effectiveness of the PPC channel.
This is the goal we set for the Netpeak team for 2022, and we are very satisfied with the way our colleagues met the challenge.
Thanks to all this, we were able to quickly implement basic solutions and apply further adjustments to achieve a balance between traffic cost, traffic volume, and cost per conversion.
Anna Karpina
Teamhead Ecommerce
We chose Netpeak, one of the leading agencies in Eastern Europe, since they made an offer that suited our requirements. Cooperation with Netpeak met our expectations, and we enjoyed their team's involvement in the project and quick responses to all requests and reviews.
Anatoly Rogalsky
One day, the guys suggested that I look at the possibilities of an ASO-related startup (RadASO). I was curious what kind of utility can be reached for such a simple task. I was finally able to divide the costs of ASO by the number of new attracted clients — that meant I could understand the cost of attracting in this channel.
Dmitry Samoilov
PPC Project Manager
Brand development assumes constant establishment of rooms for improvement and message improvement for target audience. Performance Marketing helped to solve these problems. The most critical point in branding is communicating the idea precisely - Intertop does it very well.
Alexander Frolov
ATB Online Store Manager
Netpeak Agency developed a strategy to promote new social media and email advertising campaigns that attracted a large target audience. We got a significant increase in traffic and also improved the conversion rate. The results were visible after only a few months.

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