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For the past 16 years, we've been optimizing websites to help our clients grow their businesses, not just to improve their overall search rankings.

We have completed more than 1 000 successful projects in online business: corporate websites, marketplaces, classified websites, online stores, online services, and content projects.

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[SEO 2.0] is perfect for clients who have already worked with other digital marketing agencies.

Thus, they can see how different our approach is.

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What do SEO promotion services include?

The main characteristic of SEO 2.0 is that we don't divide our work into stages but execute it in conjunction. This allows us to use team resources in a more efficient way, quickly respond to changes, and achieve better results.
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Individual promotion strategy

What we do?
  1. Analyze website visibility with relevance to a broad list of relevant queries.
  2. Make a competitor analysis to better understand your niche in search and define factors we should work with first.
  3. Examine the structure of the most popular websites in your topic area and their link profile.
  4. Analyze the demand and seasonality.
  5. Build a promotional strategy, action plan for the first few months, and forecast organic traffic based on data received.
Result: a deep understanding of the market structure, your competitor's strengths and weaknesses analysis, a project development strategy to increase your search traffic.

Technical site audit

What we do?
We conduct a website audit for you to check if it's search engine friendly, and we fix any bugs. When conducting the audit, we check 260+ factors divided into 5 main stages:
  1. Website structure.
  2. Analysis of the technical aspect of your website.
  3. Content analysis.
  4. Search engine and social media integration.
  5. Web analytics setup.
Result: a detailed technical requirement document to make your website meet all the user expectations and search engine requirements.

Deep semantic analysis

What we do?
  1. Make a list of search queries to cover the maximum demand of your niche.
  2. Combine the queries into clusters to create categories and landing pages later.
  3. Determine the search volume and evaluate the competition in search according to every cluster of search queries with regard to a region and seasonality. We rely on this data to prioritize tasks to create landing pages and change the website structure.
Result: a comprehensive list of search queries the users type into a search box to find your brand, products, or services. Optimization for user search intent to overcome your competitors in a cost-effective way.

Website structureand landing pages

What we do?
  1. Build a website structure based on the semantic core.
  2. Create a detailed technical requirement document to make categories, subcategories, filters, and landing pages.
Result: Product categories, subcategories, filters, and landing pages are well-optimized for user search intent.

Interlinkingand link building

What we do?
  1. Prepare a technical requirement document for interlinking to improve link equity distribution between landing pages depending on the keyword search volume and competition.
  2. We use zero risk methods to work with outbound links to eliminate the possibility of search filtering.
  3. We have a link building department where our specialists collect donor websites. We do not use automatic link building. This allows us to control the quality and quantity of inbound links.
Result: building high-quality backlinks safely on a regular basis. You are always aware of the amount of budget spent on these tasks, which allows you to redistribute the budget on other needs depending on the current situation.

Practical guidelines for conversion rate and usability improvement

What we do?
Our specialists analyze the behavioral data and create technical requirement documents for web design and functionality updates to:
  1. Keep a visitor on a website and make them not return to search;
  2. Decrease bounce rate (a number of users who left a website after viewing one page or stayed for less than 30 seconds);
  3. Increase session duration;
  4. To increase your form conversion rate.
Result: user behavior and conversion optimization to win more clients with the same amount of traffic. In addition, user behavior metrics data optimization will improve your search engine rankings.

Content factors

What we do?
  1. Create a technical requirement document to write texts for landing pages.
  2. Our copywriting department creates texts according to the technical requirement document written by an SEO specialist.
  3. Depending on the tariff plan, a client can edit each text (up to three iterations).
  4. If a client has an in-house copywriting team, we can only create a technical requirement document for writing text.
Result: the content of your website is optimized for a user search intent to meet user expectations and offer solutions. We can make content SEO-friendly for both users and search engines.

Business factors

What we do?
Based on the information provided by the client, we work with the following business factors:
  1. Inventory availability meeting the technical requirements;
  2. Available payment, delivery, and warranty;
  3. Promotions, information about discounts, and loyalty program;
  4. Strategies to generate positive customer reviews and how to respond to them.
Result: the site content is always updated, the pages of products on sale are well-organized, online reviews are available on the website to build trust with your customers.

Social factors

What we do:
Create a list of relevant web resources to register a company and make social signals to improve search rankings. Examples of such services: Google My Business, forums, and company catalogs. We give recommendations on how to create webpages on the resources that drive the most traffic to your website.
Result: more and more customer touchpoints to optimize your customer journey and increase your website visibility.

Website KPI tracking

What we do:
Utilizing our scripts and technologies (Serpstat, Netpeak Software), we monitor the KPIs on a regular basis: content availability, website indexing, changes made to meta tags, server responses, links, etc. We track more than 150 different indices that have an impact on your website promotion and user experience.
Result: any errors are timely detected and fixed.

KPI management and reporting

What we do:
To provide full transparency of our work, we've developed a Client Dashboard for Netpeak clients, which allows you to: track KPIs, view tasks, their statuses, and reports from specialists in addition to accounting documents and other essential project KPIs. We also create custom reports and data visualization formats.
Result: you are always aware of what is done on the project, the expenses, and the results achieved. An individual client account is available 24/7.

Benefits of SEO promotion


We're an ROI driven digital performance marketing agency. Clients choose us based on our business proposals and strategies, or through recommendations from existing clients.

Our clients stay with us for an average of 1.4 years for projects and 6 months for digital advertising services due to our focus on results, increasing their customer base, and delivering revenue that greatly exceeds promotion costs.


We can reduce risks as we have employees that specialize in a variety of advertising platforms. We can also assign new team members to your account easily. With 1000 projects completed, we have a wealth of experience to draw on to realize your goals.
The benefits of working with us:

  • 73 certified promotion specialists in four independent SEO teams
  • 4.3 years is an average amount of work experience for an SEO specialist at Netpeak
  • More than 1000 SEO promotion projects completed
  • 320 active projects
  • Knowledge map, training systems and systems for sharing experiences


Why is it so important?
Task lists are created through engagement with our clients. This creates a clear set of actions that the client and our agency can see and scrutinize on an ongoing basis. Using a flexible process management approach, we are always ready to adjust project plans. Our specialists also handle any SEO issues.

The benefits of working with us:

  • Clearly defined objectives, tasks with achievable deadlines, and an opportunity to adjust these every month
  • Agile methodology – SCRUM (two-week sprints, reporting, and planning at the end of each cycle)
  • Multilevel quality control system: Team Leader, Project Manager, Product Manager [SEO 2.0]
  • Our own link building and copywriting departments


We've been working with businesses for over 16 years. As such, we understand and are prepared for the challenges that may arise.

We believe in honesty and transparency; if we identify a problem or if a solution doesn't meet your requirements, we will have an honest and direct conversation with you on our proposed method for solving the issue.

Check out our client portfolio, where you will be sure to find businesses and products that are similar to yours. Additionally, feel free to subscribe to our industry blog and become one of our
300 000 regular readers.

Of course, you can always visit one of our industry events to learn more about our approach.

Technological efficiency

Netpeak Group Optimization and Promotion tools:

Serpstat a multifunctional SEO platform for position tracking, link analysis, keyword analysis, and competitive analysis

Netpeak Checker – tool for scraping search results and aggregating data from top SEO resources to analyze and compare multiple websites

Netpeak Spider a tool to perform regular SEO audits, quick error detections, system analysis, and web scraping
We also use Google Tag Manager, Measurement Protocol, and our own automation scripts.


To provide full transparency of our work, we've developed a Client Dashboard for Netpeak clients.

It allows you to:
See the tasks, their statuses, and reports from specialists
Track KPIs
Replenish your account, check your account activity, request accounting documents
Netpeak Bot that regularly reports activity via Telegram

MarTech solutions by Netpeak group

Serpstat is a multifunctional SEO platform able to conduct competitor and website analysis, and track your site's ranking, backlinks, and content quality.

Serpstat enables businesses to perform keyword research for web pages, both new and existing. It can also detect critical errors that impact search rankings and provide detailed instructions on how to fix these. Serpstat enables you to perform a vast array of tasks that are part of the SEO team's workflows.

Ringostat is an innovative platform that provides end-to-end analytics, call tracking, and a virtual PBX all-in-one single system.

Ringostat can integrate sales and marketing efforts; with its single interface, you can track ROI, conversions, and calls. Its key features include end-to-end analytics, call tracking, callback, virtual PBX, Analytical Assistant, Sales Manager, and an inbuilt smartphone in a browser. Ringostat is also listed as a Google Analytics Certified Partner.

Netpeak Software includes desktop tools for SEO specialists and webmasters.

  • Netpeak Spider is a tool that enables you to perform regular SEO audits, quick error detections, system analysis, and web scraping.

  • Netpeak Checker is a useful tool for scraping search results and aggregating data from top SEO resources. It allows you to analyze and compare multiple websites.

Academy Ocean helps employees to adapt more quickly, saves time for both managers and employees, and makes learning fascinating and engaging.

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Thank you for reaching out. You have taken the first step towards a fantastic marketing campaign.

Our expert will contact you within 1 business day to answer all of your questions.

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