How much do you lose from bad online reviews?
And how to prevent it with SERM

Have you found negative reviews of your brand on the internet? Use this special calculator created by Netpeak specialists to find out what these reviews are costing you.

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What can you get from the Reputation Damage Calculator?

Potential customers

Find out how many potential customers see information about your company or brand each month.


See how much money you are losing due to negative reviews on the first page of Google search results.

Improving your reputation

Get recommendations on how to improve your reputation on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

You need a SERM calculator

if you are experiencing a significant decline in customers or sales and want to check for reputational damage.
if your site is related to YMYL topics: medical, legal, and financial services, as well as anything that could pose a threat to someone's health, life, or wallet.
if your company has suffered an information attack from competitors.

How does the SERM calculator work?

What the calculator takes into account

In the formula, we take into account the number of queries for a brand keyword per month, the number of pages with negative content in the top 10 search results, the CTR, the average check, and the percentage of potential customers dropped as a function of the amount of negative content (according to open research).

Get a specific loss figure and recommendations

To get a specific number of potential losses you may experience, simply enter the position of the negative content in the SERP and add data from Google Analytics. Based on the results you receive, we will provide you with a checklist of recommendations for further work on your reputation.

What's next

The SERM calculator gives you a general idea of the potential reputational damage caused by negative Google search results. To build an effective strategy to improve your reputation and brand positioning, you need to conduct a Reputation Audit, which is a more accurate and in-depth analysis. Alternatively, we offer a full SERM service where we conduct a detailed reputation audit, formulate an effective strategy, and implement it.
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Three reasons why companies need SERM

Reason #1: Bad reviews can affect SEO results and cause a drop in positions in Google's organic search results.

Google has high quality standards for YMYL websites, and reviews on external websites are one of the main parameters used in determining authority. Therefore, reputation is an important criterion for assigning a high score to sites on the YMYL list, and negative reviews frequently result in lower positions.

What are YMYL sites?

  • News resources that cover important topics such as international events, business, politics, legislation, emergencies, public services and social programs, elections, inventions, and scientific discoveries.
  • Medical and health-related websites that offer advice, services, or information about health, medicines (pharmacies), specific diseases or conditions, mental health, diets, nutrition, lifestyle, hospitals, emergencies, dangerous activities, etc.
  • Legal and financial sites that contain important information about legal issues, as well as financial advice or information about investing, taxes, retirement planning, buying and selling real estate, loans, banking, insurance, ways to make money, microloans, cryptocurrencies, and crypto exchanges.
  • Shopping and financial transaction websites that involve searching for, researching about, or purchasing goods and services, as well as sites that allow users to transfer money and pay bills online.

Reason #2: Users are less likely to order a product or service from you if there are two or three sites with negative reviews about it in Google's search results.

Netpeak's internal research has shown that every business needs to pay attention to its reputation and reviews:

  • More than 70% of users search for online reviews before making an online purchase.
  • At the same time, online shoppers scroll through more than three pages of search results with reviews.
  • Five reviews with a minimum rating of 4 stars are enough for a user to make a purchase decision.
  • People often look for reviews and then order goods from other stores.

Reason #3: Low ratings and bad reviews on Facebook or Instagram negatively affect the reach of your ad campaigns. And they can also lead to the complete blocking of an ad campaign.

Facebook has a tool called the Business Account feedback score. This tool generates a satisfaction score based on customer feedback. It shows you detailed feedback and ratings for the following characteristics: product quality, order fulfillment accuracy, delivery, returns or exchanges, and communication. You can also see detailed customer scores and comments for each attribute.

All these statistics are collected from questionnaires sent to customers on Facebook or Instagram.

Now, the most important thing is that if the feedback score for your page drops to 1-2, your page will be restricted from displaying ads. This means that your ads will reach fewer people, even though they would cost you the same. If your page’s feedback score drops below 1, it will lose the right to display ads.

How does SERM work?


the amount of positive and neutral information in the top for 4 months

Case study: working with a real estate service's reputation

up to 90%

increased the number of positive materials in the top 10 of Google results

Case study: working with the reputation of a medical brand on the Internet


the amount of positive and neutral information in the top for 3 months

Case study: improving the reputation of a network of children's centers in 3 months

Case study: restoring a person's reputation after competitors' attacks

The client is a recognized expert on the US and Eastern European stock markets. He regularly speaks at specialized conferences and comments on the financial and economic agenda for leading business publications, including Forbes.

Case study: improving the brand reputation of a fintech product

The client is an online payment service in the markets of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. It allows you to connect various payment methods for online businesses.

Creators of the CRO calculator

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Our partners include OLX (from Naspers), Domino's Pizza, Audi, Tripadvisor, Vodafone, Puma, Bosch, and Siemens Hausgeräte.

Netpeak's portfolio includes two Google Marketing Platform Certifications. We are ranked first in the IAB ranking for web analytics services and are among The Drum's top 20 recommended firms for data services.

We can help you assess the current state of your brand's search results and develop a strategy for maintaining a positive online image

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