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Customize the actions you want to track.
Set up metrics and reporting.

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By collecting and analyzing analytical data on user behavior, our clients can improve the functionality of their mobile app, enhance the app interface, fix bugs, and improve the overall experience of using the app.

Oleksandr Konivnenko
Head of Web Analytics

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Mobile app analytics is collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data on user engagement to improve app performance.

How Do Application Analytics Improve Business Profitability?

1. By collecting data on how users interact with the application, you will find out their needs and requirements.

2. You will gain an understanding of the main conversion events that users perform, and you can then determine what needs to be optimized to improve conversions.

3. You can track the channels users are coming from and identify which marketing campaigns lead to more app downloads.

4. You can determine which app features are frequently used, how to improve them, and what can be monetized to increase revenue.

Who Needs It?

Anyone who has an Android or iOS mobile app and needs to understand where users are coming from and how major conversions are made.

What we typically track:

App conversions and transactions

Stages of Our Service

1. Terms of Reference for basic SDK installation and CUID tracking (IOS/Android)
2. Terms of Reference for event tracking (IOS/Android)
3. Terms of Reference for implementation of dynamic links (IOS/Android)
4. Integration with advertising offices and verification of correct operation of all implemented tasks (IOS/Android)

A Comparison of the Tools We Use

We work with AppsFlyer, Adjust, Firebase, and Facebook SDK.
A comparison of vendors for mobile analytics


There is integration with GA4
There is integration with Google Ads
No Facebook integration
You don't need access to the API
No integration with SKAdNetwork (solution for IOS)


No integration with GA4
There is integration with Google Ads
There is integration with Facebook
The data is uploaded by the API
There is integration with SKAdNetwork (IOS solution)


No integration with GA4
There's integration with Google Ads
There is integration with Facebook
The data is uploaded by the API
There is integration with SKAdNetwork (solution for IOS)

Examples of Reports

Why Do Online Businesses Choose Netpeak?


Clients often contact us when they see our case studies and portfolios. They start working with the agency thanks to our clear proposal and high-quality strategy. But the financial results keep them working with us: an increase in the number of clients, revenue growth, and profit that exceeds promotion expenses.

That is why the average duration of cooperation between the client and Netpeak is 23 months.


For any service business, perfecting workflow processes is the secret to success. This is what allows us to maintain our level of quality and remain clear and predictable for you — our client.

Monthly planning, SCRUM, checklists for all routine operations and multi-level quality control — all of these allow your team to be in constant synchronization with our experts and achieve your business goals.


Since 2006, we've been working with businesses who want to profit from online marketing, and we are upfront about our victories and our failures. You can check out our client portfolio and read clients’ reviews about working with us —  for sure you'll find familiar brands or sites similar to yours.

You can also become one of the 300,000 long-time readers of our blog, where we share our experiences. And of course, you can always come to one of our industry events to get to know us and our approach in person.


Our agency has produced several marketing and analytical software products, and these are used by specialists all over the world. We have a separate team in our production department that constantly develops technology and scripts to automate and speed things up.

What does this mean for you? You get more completed tasks for the same money, and your marketing produces results faster than your competitors.


Regular communication, measurable goals for each process, and automated reporting — we have developed the Netpeak Customer Profile to ensure transparent workflows for all.

At any given time, you can see key project metrics, view progress on tasks, and contact those responsible.

Our Cases Email Marketing Case Study – Developed Communication Maps and Prepared for a Trigger Email Campaign Launch

What Our Clients Have To Say


Is there a set price for GA4 customization?

The cost of setting up Google Analytics 4 depends on many factors, such as the complexity of the website, the number of pages you need to track, the level of customization, and other factors.

We want to start using Google Analytics 4, but we've never experienced it before.
Is there anything Netpeak can do to help?

Yes, the work plan can include onboarding hours and presentations on the tool.

We have made the transition to GA 4 on our own, but we are not sure if all the settings are correct.
How can Netpeak help?

We can audit your analytics and give you the Terms of Reference/recommendations for the correct setup, as well as advise on other reports that can be added for effective use.

We would like to set up Google Analytics 4, but our development team is not available for this task.
What should we do?

The Netpeak team can suggest suitable partners to assist you, or we can perform all tasks using only Google Tag Manager.

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