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Are you looking to create a steady stream of leads for your business that will help you enter or scale in new markets? Our B2B lead generation service will increase the reach and awareness of your brand and product among your target audience. Let our experts take care of finding and qualifying leads, while you concentrate on other things.

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Cold lead generation is one of the most profitable customer acquisition channels for B2B businesses. Direct communication with carefully selected audiences for B2B always works better than mass marketing. 

The correct strategy allows managers to focus on communicating with only interested users who are ready to make a buying decision. Consequently, it saves advertising costs, enables a better understanding of target audiences, and increases ROI.

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What is B2B lead generation?

B2B lead generation is creating and scaling the process of filling the sales funnel with prospects who are interested in your products or services. It includes targeted search, which is followed by communicating with and warming up your target audience until they are ready to talk to your sales manager.

What business goals does B2B lead generation achieve?

Creating a steady and independent flow of leads for your business.
Entering or scaling into new markets.
Increasing awareness of your brand and product among your target audience.
Testing hypotheses of different target audiences for your business to work with.

How does Netpeak's B2B lead generation service work?

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Before the start of cooperation, we will:

  1. Dive into your business and form the first ICPs (Ideal Customer Profile).
  2. Collect a test sample of potential customers (20-30 contacts) corresponding to your ICP to synchronize the vision of the target contact.

After the start of cooperation, we will:

  1. Collect target audience (CA) contacts on a daily basis according to the ICP.
  2. Set up and warm up email and LinkedIn accounts for further communication with the contact base.
  3. Develop scripts for communication with potential customers.
  4. Launch email and LinkedIn mailings to the collected segments of the base.
  5. Continue personalized dialogue with the interested audience segment, and warm them up to be ready for negotiations with your sales manager.
  6. Hand over leads that are ready to meet with your sales manager.
  7. Exchange feedback on lead quality and ICP relevance.

To improve process efficiency:

  1. We will automate and scale contact collection and messaging processes.
  2. We will also analyze KPIs of all processes and prepare reports.
  3. On top of that, we will perform monthly updating of ICPs, communication scripts, and other processes to maximize results.

Our secrets for effective B2B lead generation

We work with specially, precisely collected contacts and ensure full compliance with ICP

Advanced technologies are used for sending messages to the target audience.

Each lead who has expressed interest in your product will enjoy custom communication and personalized scripts.

Contact collection and messaging processes are automated to scale results.

Regular analysis of current KPIs is performed.

Optimization and updating of ICP and communication scripts.

What kind of businesses would benefit from this service?

B2B SaaS

IT development


B2B services

Production of goods

Other B2B businesses

B2B businesses that need to increase the flow of potential customers for their products or services and develop their customer base.
B2B businesses that want to develop their outbound sales channel.
B2C businesses that are interested in expanding their partner network.
Companies that want to expand their audiences or test new segments.

What are the pricing options available?

Fixed price

For those who need accurate budget planning.

The fixed price of the service is transparency, confidence and convenience. You will know exactly how much to pay for the service, without unexpected additional costs.

Cost per action

For those who need guarantees and are willing to pay for each meeting with a relevant contact that takes place.

In this option, we have up to three months* to provide you with 10-50 meetings with potential clients.


For those who need a balance between a fixed budget and performance guarantees.

The main advantage for you is flexibility in paying for the service. You choose the budget - we ensure the result.
*In this option, we have up to three months* to provide you with 10-50 meetings with potential clients.
Importantly! We will specify the exact price in the commercial offer, depending on your niche and ICP.

What will you get as a result?

  • An average of 2 to 5 meetings with qualified leads per week.
  • A new, independent sales channel. If you have already started lead generation, we will help you scale and grow your current channel.
  • Increased awareness of your company and product among your target audience.
  • An up-to-date contact base, which we will assemble according to your ICP.
  • Qualitative hypothesis development in new markets by GEO, product, or target audience with conclusions and further development plans.
  • Reliable long-term relationships with clients.

Our cases


Transaction coefficient increased

Pandora.kz success story: increased transaction coefficient by 65.25%

Mechta.kz Success Story: Email Marketing from Scratch to Get a Return on Investment in a Month

Vchasno.ua Email Marketing Case Study – Developed Communication Maps and Prepared for a Trigger Email Campaign Launch

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What is the price of the B2B lead generation service?

We offer three pricing options (details of each are described above). Depending on your preferences and the niche, we can help you find an option that meets your requirements. The minimum price of Netpeak's lead generation service starts at $2500. To find out an exact price for your project, please fill out the request form on our website.

What niches and topics does Netpeak have experience in?

Our team works with almost all business niches! We have experience with businesses in:

  1. Software development.
  2. Digital marketing.
  3. Logistics services.
  4. Financial services.
  5. Retail.
  6. App development.
  7. Staffing.
  8. Consulting.
  9. Real estate.
  10. Goods manufacturing.
  11. Accounting.

Why do I need a lead generation service?

A lead generation service is necessary to attract potential customers (generate qualified leads) and increase sales. It allows you to actively and systematically search for and attract new potential customers who are interested in the company's products or services. Not only can you identify potential customers, but you can also collect information about them and establish contact for further interaction. You can then focus your efforts on providing quality service to potential customers, which will increase conversion rates and improve financial performance.

What exactly is a lead generation strategy and what does it involve?

A lead generation strategy is an action plan for attracting new potential customers (leads) and increasing the flow of quality leads. It involves the development of ICP (target client portrait), database collection plan, and writing scripts for communication.

How will I know if a lead generation service is effective?

To evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing service, you can measure metrics such as number of leads collected, conversion rate, cost of attracting leads, and ROI (return on investment). Also, it is important to analyze the quality of leads and their subsequent conversion into customers.

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