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This involves the creation of subsidiary websites with high-quality contents containing links that promote your main website. This is effective in highly competitive segments, and as an agency we have over 15 years of experience in providing this service.

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If traditional SEO techniques aren't delivering the results you need to grow your business in a competitive industry, the answer is yes.

Private Blog Networks are necessary to build backlinks which are a crucial ranking factor for search engines. These links provide a stronger improvement in rankings than forums, link exchanges or link outreach.

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1. Trusted domains

We use domains bought at auctions that are tailored to your project. Using automated processes, we remove spam and low-quality domains, choose a relevant industry, language and record indicators. The analysis and choice of domains are always done manually.

2. High-quality backlinks

Using our automated systems, we carefully check the backlinks of the chosen domains, their quantity and quality, anchor lists and spam rating. If the backlinks are of poor quality, we don't purchase the domain name.

3. No doorways

We check the history of every selected domain name without fail: if there are doorways, weird niche websites, websites in other languages or spam, we don't buy a domain name.

4. No blacklists

And of course, we check if a website is penalized by Google. If we see anything that's blacklisted, or has a chance of being blacklisted, we don't buy the domain name.

5. No unsafe websites

If a domain name has been blacklisted, it's unlikely to be indexed, therefore we avoid buying domain names like this.

6. You have complete control

All of the selected domains are transferred to a new registrar. We install an SSL certificate and Whois Privacy Protect to hide a domain registrant's personal information from public view to keep it private.

7. No satellite sites

We create a CMS on a web hosting service, make the design template unique and also make basic SEO improvements of your website as well as add unique and fresh content (no SEO texts). We also connect a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to improve your website load time and hide your IP address.

8. 100% Google indexing

In case the website isn't indexed after that, we take steps to ensure it is. We will change your website domain name for free if it still doesn't get indexed.

Why do PBN work in cases where usual SEO doesn't?

A PBN link has more impact on rankings than links from forums, blogs or even trusted resources.
You have complete control when using a PBN. You can delete the link, change an anchor, a page or even a site you link to at any time. Only you can delete a link with a PBN — purchased links can be deleted by a website owner at any moment.
The quality of a PBN link only changes when there is an algorithm update in a search engine. The quality of purchased links, however, can fluctuate due to a large number of paid links, low-quality content, or the actions of the website owner.

So there's no risk at all?

PBNs, like other links, can be risky.However, unlike purchased links, they are under your control, i.e., you can remove them at any moment.

How we provide maximum security?

WHOIS protect
lack of interlinking between PBNs
unique CMS templates
proxy to hide the IP address
only one link to the website that is being promoted

What is our competitive edge?


We take additional steps to keep your network hidden from search engines, we do this by choosing domain names with good indicators, and by creating informative and user-friendly websites.

Expertise and experience

We have helped clients to improve SEO rankings for more than 15 years. We have tried and tested processes to create website networks and understand the risk factors. This is why none of our websites have been penalized by Google.

You're not tied to the agency

Unlike other service providers on the market, we provide a fully-fledged network for PBN clients that can be transferred over to you.

Debugged process

We have our own processes and automated systems that help us launch high-quality websites in any sector or location in a short space of time. It's much more cost effective to do this utilizing our systems than doing this in-house.


In case you need it, there is PBN support available on our web servers for an additional cost.

A personalized service based on your needs

Our service is tailored to your goals. We can create a website with specific technical requirements if a standard offer doesn't suit you.

Martech solutions by Netpeak group

We've helped clients to improve their online marketing for over 15 years, and developed some of the best SEO products in the process. Hundreds of agencies now use our solutions to get results for clients. We developed these tools whilst trying to help our clients reach their goals.

Serpstat is a multifunctional SEO platform able to conduct competitor and website analysis, and track your site's ranking, backlinks, and content quality.

Serpstat enables businesses to perform keyword research for web pages, both new and existing. It can also detect critical errors that impact search rankings and provide detailed instructions on how to fix these. Serpstat enables you to perform a vast array of tasks that are part of the SEO team's workflows.

Netpeak Software includes desktop tools for SEO specialists and webmasters.

  • Netpeak Spider is a tool that enables you to perform regular SEO audits, quick error detections, system analysis, and web scraping.

  • Netpeak Checker is a useful tool for scraping search results and aggregating data from top SEO resources. It allows you to analyze and compare multiple websites.

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Free consultation

Thank you for reaching out. You have taken the first step towards a fantastic marketing campaign.

Our expert will contact you within 1 business day to answer all of your questions.

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Customer Operation Department Team Lead
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Thank you for reaching out – our expert will contact you within 1 business day to answer all of your questions.

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