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Adapt your GA4 audit plan to the needs of the project to help you make informed decisions and achieve marketing goals.

We conduct a full Google Analytics 4 audit and provide suggestions for additional features and analytical tools that you can develop for your business.

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Google Analytics is one of the most powerful marketing analytics tools that is used by all digital marketing professionals. Based on the data from Google Analytics 4, you can make decisions that would help your business achieve its goals. Therefore, it is very important that this data is trustworthy and reliable, and to achieve this, the analytics systems must be properly set up.

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How To Recognize the Need for a Google Analytics 4 Audit

If you are experiencing any of the following situations, you need a GA4 audit:

Individual event count data is significantly above or below your expectations.
Your Google Analytics 4 data is significantly different compared to data from other analytics or CRM systems.
There are too many “not set” or other values in various Google Analytics reports.
There is traffic and transactions from payments and other intermediate domains.
There is no traffic from your other domains, or it goes to referrals.

Why the Netpeak Team

Netpeak's analytics team is a certified Google Marketing Platform partner of Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager. This means that the team knows how to handle complex projects that involve customization and organization of the analytics environment using these tools.
Google Analytics 4 has ushered in a new era in marketing analytics that requires a shift in approach and thinking about how data should be handled in order to make effective decisions about revenue attraction and product development channels.

When you turn to Netpeak, a certified Google Marketing Platform Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager partner, you can rest assured that their team has the necessary knowledge and experience with these tools. All partners are thoroughly vetted on complex cases.
Kirill Vynokurov
Industry Manager, Measurement & Data, CEE East, Google Ukraine

How We Work

We adapt the audit plan to the client's specific pain points.
A designated analyst conducts a full Google Analytics 4 audit, focusing on specific issues.
Settings in Google Tag Manager and the Google Analytics 4 interface are adjusted.
Necessary technical specifications for sending events and necessary integrations are prepared.
Proposals for additional features and the development of analytical tools for business are prepared.

Our Cases

Analytical tool for - we control the advertising budgets of hundreds of events in real time


Increase in revenue

Book24 Success Story: 100% Revenue Growth from Email Marketing

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What is the price of a GA4 audit?

The cost of the service depends on several factors, including the volume and complexity of the data to be analyzed, as well as the level of detail and depth of the audit required. For more accurate information about the price of a GA4 audit, contact the experts at Netpeak Agency.

Fill out the form on the website, and we will assess your specific needs and provide cost information.

Why do a GA4 audit?

First and foremost, a GA4 audit will identify problems in data collection and evaluate the performance of your website or application. After the audit, you will be able to confidently make informed decisions about optimizing and improving your project.

What are the key issues that can be addressed with a GA4 audit?

A GA4 audit can help you improve the quality and reliability of your data and optimize the use of Google Analytics to achieve your business goals.

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