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We help companies and brands choose the right vector of movement and achieve their marketing goals. 

We determine effective channels for attracting clients, develop and update unique selling propositions, and optimize online activities.

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Most companies understand the importance and power of digital marketing tools, but they use them intermittently without a well-defined strategy. This approach ultimately fails to deliver the expected results. 

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy is the best way to prepare for market challenges. By utilizing the latest internet marketing techniques and trends, it will empower you to move forward strategically and overtake your competitors.

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How will a digital strategy help grow your business?

An internet marketing strategy prioritizes your company's goals for future digital investments to make your business more competitive.
Determine direction and timeline
Have a clear idea of where to go and how long it will take.
Focus on goals
Don't get distracted by minor issues; work toward specific goals.
Efficient use of resources
Do only what is truly necessary and effective.
Measuring success
The strategy gives you clear KPIs. You will always know how much traffic, leads, and sales to aim for.
An effective online marketing strategy is flexible and adaptable. It is designed to minimize risk and address the following objectives:
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost sales and profits
  • Successfully penetrate new markets
When you have a clear plan to follow, scaling your business and achieving business goals become much simpler. You will save time, properly allocate your resources and budgets, and compete with industry leaders.
The internet environment, search engine algorithms, and advertising systems are constantly changing. If you don't react to these changes in time, your marketing will suffer. We help you to quickly adapt to new trends: our task is to help you achieve your goals and ensure that the strategy guides your business in the right direction.

What are the different types of digital marketing strategies?

Each strategy builds on the goals of the previous one and is derived from the company's business strategy.

From the agency

Channel strategy
A detailed strategy for a specific promotion channel
Media strategy
Channel selection and media planning for each channel
Communication strategy
Positioning and what content to use to communicate value to the audience

From the client

Marketing strategy
The goals for each product
Business strategy
Business, sales, and revenue goals

Our method of digital strategy development

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When developing a strategy, we look at these aspects:

1. Based on your target audience, we perform segmentation:

  • Dividing the audience into groups (personas)
  • Finding possible new segments of CA and stages of the decision-making process
  • CJM (customer journey mapping)
  • Analyzing audience requests
  • Analyzing the main obstacles preventing the audience from making a purchase
  • Forming hypotheses to stimulate the CA to buy
  • Performance indicators for each stage of the sales funnel (KPIs)

2. We then develop positioning and UTP:

  • Product positioning
  • The company's UTP in comparison with competitors
  • The product's UTP in the “characteristic-benefit” format for the segments of the target audience
  • Product packaging design
  • Motivating factors for different channels and segments of the target audience

3. We create a media strategy for digital channels and develop a plan to attract customers through various channels:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Promotion on Google GDN
  • Content marketing (blogging)
  • Paid social media
  • Advertising in thematic communities
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Performance indicators (KPIs) for each channel

What are the goals of the strategy?

1. Choose a target market

  • Is it worth entering the market?
  • What is the market potential?
  • What marketing activities are competitors using?
  • What are consumers' pain points and motivations?

2. Choose digital promotional channels

  • What are the best promotional channels to use?
  • What should the budget and media plan be to achieve marketing goals?

3. Identify growth points in the current market

  • What can be done better compared to competitors?
  • What are the growth points that could increase the company's sales?

4. Find new niches and products

  • Which market should be chosen first?
  • What are the barriers to entering the market?
  • What are the market trends, and what can be done to make the product successful in the new market?

Who can benefit from the service?

Real estate
Auto business

What will you get as a result?

  • A marketing plan with concrete steps (actions and channels)
  • Analysis of necessary budgets (monthly and yearly)
  • Assessment of development opportunities
  • Schedule of tasks, by month
  • Forecast of digital results in selected marketing channels (media plan)
  • Forecast of return on investment (TBD)

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What factors should be considered when selecting a digital strategy agency?

  • A recorded video conference withWhen searching for an agency to assist you with your digital strategy, it is prudent to seek out one that has a good reputation and a well-established history of success. Take the time to explore their portfolios and delve into their case studies. aknowledgeable specialist.
  • А reputable agency should offer a wide array of digital strategy services to cater to various needs.
  • Take the time to peruse the reviews and ratings left by past patrons.
  • It is essential to choose an agency that has a profound understanding of your industry and the distinctive obstacles it presents.
  • Assess the communication and collaboration styles of the organization.
  • Look for a company that is dedicated to achieving tangible outcomes. They should embrace a method that relies on data. Most importantly, they should offer consistent updates and evaluations to monitor the effectiveness of their plan. Inquire about their primary benchmarks for performance and the manner in which they measure results (KPIs).

Do you provide digital strategy consulting?

Yes, we will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to effectively promote your business. You will receive a recorded video call with an expert, and future communication will be with the head of the strategy department.
To have our expert contact you, fill out the form on the website.

When is it advisable to order the service?

  • The product or service has already been launched on the market, advertising campaigns have been conducted, and there are results of analysis.
  • You need advice on finding other channels or how to make a brief market analysis on your own.
  • You have a clear list of questions to ask the expert.

What are the main elements of a digital marketing strategy?

  • Conducting a digital audit
  • Defining the company's business objectives
  • Developing a digital action plan

What types of marketing strategies are there?

  • Market entry
  • Brand strategy
  • Communication strategy
  • Creative concept

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